Graduate Program in Chemistry at the IQ-USP

Since its establishment in 1970, the Graduate Program in Chemistry has provided about 1400 Master’s and Doctoral students with a solid theoretical background and practical training in state-of-the-art research in Chemistry. Currently, around 240 students and approximately 70 faculty members are involved in various research projects in the Program.

Chemistry is one of the most important fields of scientific research, contributing in fundamental ways to technological advances in important areas such as nanotechnology, drug design, advanced materials and environmental science. Our program is founded upon a tradition of four decades of serving as a center of excellence for the training highly qualified human resources further enriched by a wide diversity of research competences. The more than 40 research laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation and count with the support of an Analytical Center that is considered to be a reference in Brazil.

The future Graduate student interested in our Program can apply to one of the following Programs: Master’s Degree (ideal duration 24 months); Direct Doctoral Degree (ideal duration 48 months); Doctoral Degree after Masters (ideal duration 48 months). Our graduate programs received the highest possible rating in the last evaluation performed by Capes, the branch of the Brazilian Ministry of Education for Graduate Studies.



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