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Accreditation of Supervisors

The Program of Chemistry has established stringent criteria for the initial accreditation and the periodic re-accreditation of research advisors.

The request for accreditation and re-accreditation must contain specific information on scientific production, previous experience in research supervision activities, available infrastructure and capacity to provide the material conditions for carrying out research.

Professors external to the Institute can be accredited on a temporary basis, but only nominally for specific students and in cases where the research area of the external advisor is of specific interest to the program (e.g., complements existing research areas or would constitute an outstanding contribution to the scientific production of the program).

Re-accreditation must be requested each four years and is based on an evaluation of the research advisor’s contributions to the Program (formation of graduate students, time to graduation, scientific production with students, external grants, participation in graduate courses and examining committees, etc.).

Requests for co-orientation of Ph.D. students must be made at an early stage of the Thesis work, within a maximum time of thirty months after the first matriculation of the student.

The scientific qualifications of the co-supervisor and competence in areas complementary to those of the student’s thesis advisor will be evaluated.






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