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  • An undergraduate degree in chemistry or a similar area.
  • Accepted twice a year, either in person at the Graduate Program Secretariat or by mail.
  • Candidates do not have to have a supervisor prior to taking the Admission Examination.
  • Proficiency in English language is not necessary for admission.
Admission Examination:
  • Written test (? 4 h) with theoretical questions requiring basic knowledge in Chemistry with interdisciplinary character.
  • Normally in Portuguese; however, on request, it can be applied in English.
  • Elaborated and corrected by a commission nominated by the program coordinator; correction of the examination is anonymous (the corrector does not know the identity of the applicant).
  • Approval with a grade ? 5,0 on a scale of 0 - 10.
  • The grade obtained on the examination is also used in the classification for the distribution of Institutional Fellowships (Capes and CNPq).
International admission:

International admission is mainly destined to foreign candidates who cannot travel to Brazil to take the regular examination. Alternative admission is based on the score of the “Graduate Record Examination” or GRE (www.gre.org). For further information, see the instructions in the box at the side (International Admission).

Research Advisors:
  • List of authorized research advisors accredited by the Chemistry Program
  • Contact the advisor of your choice directly.
Graduate Calendar for 2013

Period of registration: 15/01/2013 to 21/06/2013.
Admission Examination: 11/07/2013 (thursday), from 9:00 to 13:00 h.
Places where the Admission Examination is or can be administered: São Paulo (IQ-USP), Fortaleza, Maringá, Recife and Teresina.
  • To take the examination at one of the alternative sites rather than at the IQ-USP, please indicate this option at the time of your registration.
  • The examination will be administered at sites outside the IQ-USP only if a sufficient number of candidates request to take the examination in these locations.
  • Candidates will receive an e-mail message communicating the exact location where they will take the examination and the name of the local coordinator.
  • The examination is given at the same time at all the sites.
Communication of the result:

The result will be affixed outside the Graduate Secretariat of the IQ-USP and can be sent by email upon request. Results cannot be informed by telephone.

Period of registration for new students: to be defined...
Start of Classes: 12 August 2013.




Praca da Integracao

Praca da Integracao

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