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Document Requests

To request documents from the Graduate Secretariat of the Institute, please use the e-mail address secpos@iq.usp.br and include the following information:

  • (1) Name; (2) Student Number; (3) Graduate Program; (4) Nature of enrollment (ME, DO or DD); (5) Research Advisor; (6) Specific document requested.
  • Requested documents can be picked up at the Graduate Secretariat (SPG) after a period of five (05) working days.
  • Please bring the printed request when picking up the document at the Graduate Secretariat.


Admission and Matriculation
Form for Qualifying Examination
Matriculation Form
Form for Special Student Matriculation in Courses
Form for Matriculation in Seminars
Form for Canceling Matriculation

Request Form for Attribution of Credits in Courses taken outside of the University
Request Form for Attribution of Special Credits

Registration Form for Participation in the Admission Examination for Fellowship classification
Form for Capes ME and DO Fellowships
Form for CNPq ME Fellowships
Form for CNPq DD and DO Fellowships
Form for Cancellation of CNPq and CAPES Fellowships

Requests for Examining Committees and Presentation of Certificates
Request for Qualifying Examination
Request for Defense of Master’s Dissertation or Ph.D. Thesis
Form for the Result of the Qualifying Examination
Form for Presentation of the Certificate of Language Proficiency

Teaching Assistant Programs
Registration Form for Teaching Assistant - PAE
Teaching Assistant Work Plan - PAE
Teaching Assistant Final Report - PAE
Registration Form for Teaching Assistant - ESTADIQ
Teaching Assistant Final Report - ESTADIQ

Diverse requests
Form for Change of Research Advisor
Request Form for Equivalence of Master’s Degree obtained outside the University
E-mail Request Form

Forms for Research Advisors, Teaching Assistant Supervisors and Referees
Form for Creation of a New Graduate Course
Referee’s Form for Review of Student Research Report
Research Advisor’s Form to Accompany Student Research Report
Supervisor’s Form for Final Report on Teaching Assistant - PAE
Request Form for Teaching Assistants - ESTADIQ
Supervisor’s Form for Final Report on Teaching Assistant - ESTADIQ




Estacionamento na Lineu Prestes

Estacionamento na Lineu Prestes

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Graduate Secretariat
Secretaria de Pós-Graduação em Química e Bioquímica
Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 748 - bloco 06 superior - sala 0669 - cep. 05508-000 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
phone +55-11-3091-3844 ou 3091-3146 - fax +55-11-3815-5579 - e-mail secpos@iq.usp.br