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Graduate Students

The Brazilian students in the program come from all over Brazil. In addition to students with undergraduate degrees from the IQ-USP, the program has students with undergraduate degrees from a variety of public and private universities in the State of São Paulo and other Brazilian States.

The program also has students from abroad, principally from Latin American countries (Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Peru, etc.).

On average, the program typically has about 80 Master’s and 150 Ph.D. Students. Each year, around twenty-five Master’s Dissertations and about forty Ph.D.

Theses are concluded and about forty Master’s and forty Ph.D. Students are admitted into the Program.

For a complete list of current Master’s (ME) and Ph.D. (DO and DD) Students of the Program, see the box at the right.




List of Students


Praca da Integracao

Praca da Integracao

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