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Our group has developed in recent years, various polymeric materials for applications in biomedical engineering, aiming at the development of scaffolds for cell growth from novel, biodegradable and bioabsorbable polymeric systems. It is intended to create conditions for the control of fundamental properties of the scaffolds for optimization of the artificial tissues creation. Thus, we propose the synthesis and study of a new class of biodegradable polymers for use in biomedicine from a family of polyesters and polyanhydrides derived from dehydroalditols. As basic processing technique, we will use electrospinning, a technique that generates porous meshes exceptionally suitable for production of thin scaffolds. The processes of cell adhesion and proliferation will be tested from culture of basic cellular types. As target tissues, we propose the production of grafts models in the reconstitution of bone defects and treatment of periodontitis, grafts for the regeneration of perforated tympanic membranes, as well as the construction of neural tissue from mesenchymal stem cells. We also propose to study the association of inorganic and/or proteic additives in order to conduct the processes of interest such as the amplification of cell adhesion and proliferation, differentiation, recruitment, stimulation of homeostasis, extracellular matrix production, and any other process for tissue regeneration.

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